Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oct. 12-15 垃圾精選

[2008/10/12 - 2008/10/16]

  • 10/15 19:40, 2008
    引述 :『中國地大物博的程度,就連舉辦大學籃球賽也分兩大聯賽進行,一為中國大學生籃球聯賽,簡稱CUBA;一為中國大學生籃球超級聯賽,簡稱大超聯賽或CUBS,兩聯賽最大差異在參賽選手資格。』
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  • 10/15 07:01, 2008
    引述 :『甫滿20年的HBL高中籃球聯賽,新賽季開打本應是熱鬧歡慶才對,沒想到卻發生有學校認為球衣屬商標,因此有權均分贊助經費,因此,高中體總只得要求所有球隊將球衣的贊助商蓋住,導致整個賽場空蕩蕩,回到首屆賽會時的「陽春」規模。』
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  • 10/15 06:59, 2008
    引述 :『台灣大雲豹季外開鍘,一口氣釋出李偉民、林信華兩名球員。』
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  • 10/15 06:56, 2008
    引述 :『美國職業籃球賽宣布裁減80個職位,佔員工數目9%,以應付當前經濟困難,是美國第一個受到金融危機波及而要裁員的體育聯賽。』
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  • 10/14 00:10, 2008
    引述 :『LONDON -- The NBA has formed a joint venture with Anschutz Entertainment Group to design and develop about 12 multipurpose arenas in major Chinese cities.』
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  • 10/12 22:04, 2008
    引述 :『The Denver Nuggets beat the Phoenix Suns 77-72 on Saturday night in the exhibition game billed as “NBA Outdoors!” at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Both teams struggled from the field and the free-throw line and combined to go 3-of-27 from 3-point range on a night when the temperature dipped into the 60s with some wind hitting the court by the end of the game.』
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  • 10/12 22:02, 2008
    引述 :『Those stars will be playing under the stars in the California desert. In a rarity, the Denver Nuggets will play the Phoenix Suns, only the second time in league history a game has been contested outdoors. The first came during the preseason in 1972 when the Suns played the Milwaukee Bucks in a baseball stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico.』
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