Saturday, October 01, 2011




你自己看看,這個video在Youtube上的點閱數都已經超過150萬了,連帶他老婆帶有殺氣的眼神都被寫成piercing look和stare of death了,看來台灣棒球的魔力和話題性還是遠遠高於籃球啊!


Baseball fan 'drops daughter' to catch ball

Taiwan fan drops toddler, bungles foul ball catch
TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — A Taiwanese baseball fan got himself in hot water with his wife when he dropped their young daughter into the stadium seats in front of him in a bungled attempt to catch a foul ball during a televised game.

The man, identified by his surname, Bai, reached for the foul pop from his upper deck seat while holding the toddler in one arm during last week's game between the Brother Elephants and the Lamigo Monkeys at the Taoyuan Baseball Stadium in suburban Taipei.

The ball bounded off Bai's other arm as he lurched forward and let go of his child.

"I was going to catch the ball using one hand," he explained later. "But I ended up lifting both hands and dropped my daughter."

The girl was not badly hurt, but her mother clearly was not amused, as shown in TV coverage of the game that has generated tens of thousands of clicks online.

She shot her husband a piercing look of anger and scolded him. Afterward, she made it clear to reporters that he'd be in trouble for a while.

"I am still upset at him because I think he wanted to catch the ball so badly that he dropped his own daughter!" she said.