Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hate mail、幽默感

最近讀到這篇文章,美國體育作家一向有這種以Q&A和讀者互動的習慣,包括以辛辣回答知名的SLAM雜誌在內。這些作者如果被惹毛了,是毫不客氣的會和讀者對槓。這篇文章的作者是CBS Sportsline的全國體育作家(意指寫作主題不侷限於一項,涵蓋美式足球、籃球、大學體育等等)Greg Doyel。


Hate Mail: We're growing up this time

From: tony r.

The Michigan job is a plum position -- not a "plumb" position, you hack.

It's spelled both ways. No wonder you're stuck behind a desk in human resources. Looked you up, Tony. Even saw your picture in the paper. Nice nose. Did someone park a car on it?

From: Matt

How did you get a job?

Hard work, talent and naked pictures. Not of me.

From: r.p. murphy

My friend Gerd thinks you are an idiot.

Gerd told me he's dating your daughter.

From: Harold Belote

Your continued belittling of Arkansas amazes me. You are obviously severely stupid based on the comments in you editorial. I can say that with surety because you cannot have ever spent time around this wonderful state and its people. I wish sometime we could meet face to face.

I visited your state once, when I was 13, and crashed a four-wheeler into some trees. It was a bad experience for me, not to mention for the trees. And if I had a dime for every reader who wanted to meet me face to face, I'd have a whole lot of dimes. Just give me your address. I'll autograph a picture or something.

From: Chris Robertson

Who is Gregg Doyel? Bob Knight's adage about sportswriters will ring true forever: We all learn to write when we're 6 or 7 years old. Most of us then move on to other things.

I learned to dribble a basketball when I was 4, and then moved on. As an added bonus, I learned to shoot a gun when I was 8, and in all the years since I've never shot someone. Face it, Chris, your god is a bad man. And you're an idiot.

From: Jim

I was just reading your article about Louisville football from last January and noting how much I hated the article at the time, but deep down knew you were right. Time has confirmed this as well. Louisville has some even tougher days ahead.

Every now and then I'm brilliant. The rest of the time I'm merely extraordinary.