Sunday, June 08, 2008

June 8 垃圾精選


  • 06/08 16:46, 2008
    引述 :『A statistic was cited during the meeting that startled some of the hoopsters. It was said that 60 per cent of retired NBA players go broke five years after their NBA paycheques stop arriving.』
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  • 06/08 16:12, 2008
    引述 :『In 1984, the Finals were exciting because of the basketball. Period. The drama and story lines -- and there were many -- followed. But they were a natural outgrowth of the game itself, not the other way around.』
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  • 06/08 15:51, 2008
    引述 :『Is it possible to “define” a flop? There are many situations where players could flop: fighting through a screen, getting “shoved in the back” on a box out, or drawing an and-one. Realistically, it has to be done on a case-by-case basis, which leaves much to be discussed. 』
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  • 06/08 15:49, 2008
    引述 :『Plain and simple, the age limit is good for the NBA because it allows elite players to spend one year in college as an apprentice while getting an all-expenses paid publicity tour courtesy of CBS and ESPN. 』
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  • 06/08 15:41, 2008
    引述 :『I do not see a heated rivalry of the 21st Century. I do not see one developing, as the NBA has eliminated the things that create rivalries: hard fouls, fights, players staying with one team, teams sticking together for years, etc. Free agency and the league's overreaction to the physical nature of a contact sport have eliminated the possibility for a true rivalry like we saw in the 80's and 90's. 』
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  • 06/08 09:28, 2008
    引述 :『5. Parade planning is done in advance. 4. The players have little concern for the long dormant Boston-L.A. rivalry. 3. The expensive seats are more expensive than ever ... but not everything has changed. 2. The rings are gaudier. 1. There are more TV channels.』
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  • 06/08 09:26, 2008
    引述 :『PHOENIX (AP)—Terry Porter will be the Phoenix Suns’ next coach, ending the club’s monthlong search for a successor to Mike D’Antoni. Phoenix general manager Steve Kerr said Saturday he had agreed to terms with Porter, who was an assistant with the Detroit Pistons.』
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  • 06/08 05:39, 2008
    引述 :『If I’m not mistaken,” a sarcastic Jackson said, “I think Willis Reed missed a whole half and three quarters almost of a game and literally had to have a shot, a horse shot, three or four of them in his thigh to come back out and play. Paul got carried off and was back on his feet in a minute.”』
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