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June 22-28 垃圾精選

[2009/06/22 - 2009/06/28]

  • 06/26 08:19, 2009
    引述 :『CLEVELAND -- One is the King, a reigning MVP who at age 24 needs only a championship to complete his résumé. The other is a larger-than-life personality who may be past the prime of his career but remains an undeniable force and hungers for a fifth NBA title.』
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  • 06/26 08:16, 2009
    引述 :『EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP)—Vince Carter(notes) is going home to Orlando, and to the Eastern Conference champion Magic. The New Jersey Nets dealt the eight-time NBA All Star, who grew up in Daytona Beach and lives in Orlando, and forward Ryan Anderson(notes) to the Magic on Thursday for point guard Rafer Alston(notes), shooting guard Courtney Lee(notes) and power forward Tony Battie(notes).』
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  • 06/25 15:29, 2009
    引述 :『When Tim Duncan(notes) found out Richard Jefferson(notes) didn’t return a phone call from Gregg Popovich after the Spurs coach traded for the Bucks star, he fired a text message to his new teammate. “Don’t get traded twice in one day.”』
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  • 06/25 15:26, 2009
    引述 :『There’s too many examples of players that have come here too early, not ready, and ended up not having the experience that they should have had,” he said. “The international element needs to be there, but only when it makes sense from a technical standpoint, from a quality standpoint』
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  • 06/25 15:25, 2009
    引述 :『Rubio has to pay a multimillion dollar buyout to his Spanish club, DKV Joventut Badalona, to get out of his contract. And while his lawyers are working on a deal with the team and he expects an amicable parting, he said there’s a chance he would stay in Europe if he isn’t drafted high enough to earn a salary that would cover a significant chunk of his debt.』
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  • 06/25 15:22, 2009
    引述 :『CLEVELAND (AP)—The Cleveland Cavaliers are close to acquiring center Shaquille O’Neal(notes) in a trade that would pair him with MVP LeBron James(notes), multiple people with knowledge of the deal told The Associated Press early Thursday.』
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  • 06/23 22:20, 2009
    引述 :『Look further, though. A count from The Associated Press culled from school and basketball Web sites found more than 170 African players at U.S. colleges, junior colleges and universities last season. Other sources show 100 players or so at the high school level, many placed at prep schools catering to international students.』
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  • 06/22 22:50, 2009
    引述 :『(中央社記者吳協昌台北22日電)為了讓傷兵全心養傷,把重點擺在亞洲男籃錦標賽。籃球協會男籃專案小組今天決定讓田壘、曾文鼎、吳岱豪、何守正與陳世念等5人在瓊斯盃休兵,將重點擺在8月的亞錦賽。』
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June 13-22 垃圾精選

[2009/06/13 - 2009/06/22]

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June 10-13 垃圾精選

[2009/06/10 - 2009/06/13]

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June 7-10 垃圾精選

[2009/06/07 - 2009/06/10]

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June 4-7 垃圾精選

[2009/06/04 - 2009/06/07]

  • 06/07 07:41, 2009
    引述 :『光華隊除徵召楊百翰大學的張宗憲外,還有後衛羅鈺群、洪志善、林傑閔,前鋒陳昱安、張宗憲、陳順祥、林金榜、呂政儒,中鋒徐偉勝、蔡峻銘、簡嘉宏、顏振弘』
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  • 06/05 12:57, 2009
    引述 :『Bryant, playing like a man possessed, scored 40 points and the Lakers, who have waited nearly one year for a chance to erase bitter memories of a Boston beatdown and a championship they felt belonged to them, pounded the Orlando Magic 100-75 in Game 1 on Thursday night.』
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  • 06/04 20:39, 2009
    引述 :『鍾秀鼐即將就讀的是NAIA第1級的聖地牙哥基督學院(San Diego Christian College),能夠獲此機會,主要是1980年代前中華男籃華裔國手孫嘉康(Conrad Sun)居中牽線,孫嘉康是在今年3月獲聘為聖地牙哥基督學院男籃校隊教練,秉持著提升台灣籃壇與回饋台灣籃壇的精神,願意提供台灣球員籃球獎學金赴美就讀。』
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May 25-June 4 垃圾精選

[2009/05/21 - 2009/06/04]