Monday, June 16, 2008

June 10-15 垃圾精選


  • 06/15 23:31, 2008
    引述 :『Ted Bernhardt, who along with Dick Bavetta and Bob Delaney officiated the game, again denied Donaghy's latest allegations in an interview with The Sacramento Bee. He had told last week that he stood by his calls in the controversial game.』
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  • 06/15 23:28, 2008
    引述 :『What people don't realize is that when you jump to the NBA, it overshadows the downside of leaving your school, leaving your friends and a team you committed to," he said. "If I didn't like my coaching staff, it would be easy. But I honestly like my coaching staff.』
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  • 06/14 11:22, 2008
    引述 :『The ACB is by far the league that has the best averages in 2007/2008. Second prize goes to Italy, while France takes the bronze medal. The total ranking is incomplete because we could not get figures from several European leagues, including those for Russia, Israel, Poland and the Adriatic League. And the figures we took into account are only those for the regular season.』
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  • 06/14 05:41, 2008
    引述 :『“I think it’s important to sit here and say to you that the accusations that we manipulate games that then get reported on … the facts underlying those, they’re false,” Stern said. “We don’t. And if you’d like me to repeat it again, I will tell you that we don’t.”』
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  • 06/10 07:23, 2008
    引述 :『“It was just a matter of time,” Stackhouse said a telephone interview with the AP on Monday. “Everybody who knew Michael from his playing days knew this is where he would end up.』
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