Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 28 垃圾精選


  • 06/28 21:52, 2008
    引述 :『Following the NBA Finals taught me one thing about US Basketball: You might be the best guy in the world, but if somebody wants it more than you do - you will lose, right Kobe?』
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  • 06/28 21:26, 2008
    引述 :『The Chinese are famous for their use of unauthorized images of Western celebrities on billboards and other ads. I stumbled across this excellent example walking down the streets of Yonkan. It was a small billboard in front of a sex shop.』
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  • 06/28 21:13, 2008
    引述 :『Alexander was born to Stephen and Allyson Alexander December 26, 1986 in Taiwan. One of five children, Alexander lived abroad for eight years. This saw Alexander spend two of his formative years in Taiwan, as well as five in Beijing and one in Hong Kong. In fact, he and his family lived in Asia until he was 16 years old,』
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